This year is off to a good start.

Monday was my first time ever reading my poetry in front of people… into a microphone…. on a stage… Yeah, I was sweating. But it was a good time. I also really appreciated being able to listen to other people read (and one guy sing, beautifully btw).

I read three poems.

mahalls jan

I also went to a poetry workshop the week before, and it was my first non-college workshop in ages. Sooo needed, not only for the feedback (which was definitely helpful) but also for the writerly camaraderie and discussion. Sometimes I think I’m the one lonesome literature weirdo, but then at this workshop someone else poured a glass of wine and quoted, “Wine comes in at the mouth…” and I was happily reminded that, of course, I’m not the only one. Other memorable quotes included: “Shakespeare, ah, he didn’t know what he was doing” and “Well, when the sun comes out in Cleveland, it does sound like fuckin’ trumpets!” Definitely hoping to go to more workshops like that.

Also, Saturday starts the first session of a class I’m taking through Literary Cleveland, called “How to Create Creative Nonfiction”. I’ve been interested in this topic for a while, and last spring I went to a couple of Lit Cleveland sessions about how to interview people. I’m suffering a bit of “imposter syndrome” about this class– I don’t completely know what to expect or how good I will be at creative nonfiction. So I keep reminding myself: that’s why it’s a class! We’re gonna learn!

New year, new things. Off we go.


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